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Using parental controls and other tools is one way you can help protect them from this kind of content.

More than half of 9 to year-olds are more concerned about pornographic, violent and other content risks online than conduct or contact-related risks, such as bullying 1. Having filters on your home broadband connection will cover devices that are being used in your house but what happens when your child is out and about with a mobile device e.

Vodafone Content Control

Inappropriate content can reach your child via lots of different routes — social networking, peer-to-peer sharing, instant messaging, gaming, searching The most important thing you can do is talk to your child about what is OK for them to do online and what is not. Discuss all the good stuff on the internet but also explain what kind of risks and challenges they might face and help them to become more resilient.

Talking to someone is the most popular coping strategy for young people who have online concerns 5. Remember that not all public Wi-Fi e. Parents can choose to activate the parental controls so that certain websites are blocked on every device in their home. In May , the ISPs also launched an education campaign called Internet Matters to help parents understand the main online safety issues. How do mobile network content filters work and what do they block?

Vodafone and all the other mobile operators in the UK apply network filtering.

Step by Step Instructions

When websites are visited by browsers or apps, the traffic flows through the mobile network. The network can see the Web addresses of this traffic and apply filters to any addresses known to return content that is considered to be inappropriate or harmful for the age profile applied via the mobile network. Vodafone Content Control works in this way — under 18s see a message if a website they try to access is not suitable. How do ISP content filters work?

The four main Internet Service Providers ISPs in the UK now offer parental controls in a similar way to the mobile operators — by providing a network level filtering profile against the router in your home. Some ISPs allow separate filtering profiles to be set up for different devices and family members.

What about parental controls software packages like Norton Family that I can download, how do they work? These client-based solutions only work on the devices onto which you download the software but they have the advantage of working across all networks mobile, home and public Wi-Fi whereas network filtering only works on the specific network it is applied to. Another benefit of client-based parental controls is that they may restrict some of the loopholes that children sometimes use to circumvent other parental controls.

Is it possible for young people to get round filters and parental controls?

You can help to avoid this happening by keeping the admin passwords for the computer or laptop that they use to yourself. Certain apps and encrypted browsers allow network filters to be bypassed e. Is it true that filters sometimes underblock or overblock? Web content tends not to accurately describe itself to filters so some websites containing certain words with double meanings are blocked accidentally. On the other hand, new websites serving unwelcome content can go undetected for a short time. The filtering lists are updated frequently to account for this.

Find out how to appeal against inadvertent filtering on your Vodafone mobile.

Controls & Settings guide

What should I do if I come across inappropriate or illegal content online? Our Reporting Online Concerns article explains how to report unwelcome content to various online and mobile providers and other authorities, such as the police. What kind of online content do schools use filters to block? Inappropriate content is much broader than that and typically covers in no particular order gambling, dating, alcohol and criminal content. In addition, content that may be a distraction for students, like gaming and social media, might be blocked.

Do most UK schools have filters in place? Access to online resources at school needs to be age-appropriate and well managed. Can schools change their filters depending on students' ages?

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You can only do this on Android tablets, unfortunately, not phones. To restrict apps and content for your kid, tap on the gear icon next to your kid's user name. This will bring you to a master list of apps, settings and content. If you want to give your child access to a particular app, slide the switch on -- it turns green to confirm it's on. It is worth noting is that this list is for general access to apps and features. Some apps will have settings within them that allow you to choose more specific restrictions for your child. While the restrictions list is long, there are a few things that you should definitely mull over before giving the tablet to your kid.

Whether it's games or streaming content, apps are what makes these tablets tick. After you enable this, go through and set the content ratings for apps, games, movies, tv, books and music. This will make sure your kid can watch films like " Moana " and not horror films like " Hush. At this time, restricted users can only be created on tablets. But there are many parental control apps available through third parties.

Parental Controls overview

My recommendation would be to check the website of your phone's manufacturer. Creating a restricted user on your child's Android tablet is pretty straightforward. These restrictions are there to protect your kids so they can enjoy their gift to its fullest. But beyond the software restrictions, it is just as important to talk to your kids about online safety.

If you're not sure what to say, Google has created a quick and handy guide.